About us

Studio OBE was founded as a result of many years of cooperation on a number of projects with a mutual desire that each project tells its own story through architectural design. This multidisciplinary Belgrade studio, founded by Jasna Kavran and Ksenija Pantović, deals with architectural, interior and furniture design projects in the field of architecture of residential, business and catering facilities, with close cooperation with graphic designers, artists and associates from other fields.

The design methodology of Studio OBE is based on the idea that each project is unique and requires a specific approach with close cooperation with investors which results in the design of maximally functional spaces aligned to the specific needs of its users.

Jasna Kavran

Jasna Kavran, is an architect and researcher with wide range of professional experience in international architectural design (working on projects), pedagogical (as teaching associate) and research projects (workshops, scientific papers etc.).

Since 2009 Jasna has been working as an architect designer and associate designer and has been involved in the development of several projects of single and multi-family housing, as well as several interiors.

Some of the projects Jasna led and worked on include reconstruction and conservation project of several buildings in London, UK, as part of the architectural firm “Feilden + Mawson”, large €500 million refinery project in Belgrade, Serbia, as well as several other industrial projects for Gazprom Neft as the architectural designer at the company Projmetal a.d. in Belgrade, Serbia, and a range of single and multi-family housing projects in Belgrade, Serbia, as the CEO/Managing Partner of Studio OBE – architectural firm which she co-founded.

Since 2011, Jasna started cooperation with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), where she participated in several scientific-research projects related to energy efficiency in Serbia.

Beside pedagogical and professional work, Jasna is also engaged in scientific research.

Ksenija Pantović

Ksenija Pantović PhD, is an architect and researcher with wide range of professional experience in architectural design (working on projects), pedagogical (as teaching assistant) and research projects (workshops, scientific papers etc.). As of 2011., Ksenija is working as an Assistant and Research fellow at the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Belgrade . Ksenija teaches design courses, and takes part in accompanying seminars, elective courses and workshops.

In addition to pedagogical work Ksenija is one of the founders of Studio OBE and works in the field of architectural and urban design. Ksenija works on the development of conceptual and architectural projects actively participates in architectural-urbanism competitions and exhibitions and has won several notable  awards.

Beside pedagogical and professional work, Ksenija does scientific research. Her research topics are broadly focused on the field of contemporary architecture and urbanism, i.e. architectural design, while in the narrower sense, research refers to the development of dynamic and transformable design methodologies and the way architecture adapts to the context of rapid changes. Ksenija holds a PhD degree with thesis “Role of the transformation principles in the development of design models in architectural design”. She published several articles and research papers in national and international scientific journals.

Tamara Vićović

Tamara completed academic studies at the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade, in 2020. During her studies, she actively attends various workshops related to architecture and furniture design. She was also a participant in numerous architectural competitions. During her studies she was an associate and a designer in her family company, a successful furniture production. After completing studies, she became a part of team OBE, where she successfully applies this experties, in a field of materials and furniture production.

Nevena Nikolić

Nevena Nikolić, got her master’s degree in 2021 at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Belgrade, majoring in Architecture. During her studies, she participated as an associate in teaching design subjects and exhibited her works at student exhibitions, the Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad and Ruma, as well as the Days of Architecture in Banja Luka. She gained work experience as an active participant in architectural and urban competitions, as well as working in the role of supervisor on European and American projects. In the future, she plans further advancement and training in the field of design and interior architecture.

Dunja Djokić

Dunja Đokić completed her master’s degree at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade in 2019 and specialized in Interior Architecture. Dunja is a multitalented member of the team, with various interests related to design,  which she develops through  journalism, as a beauty editor of Elle magazine, where she works for a year before becoming part of Studio OBE. Her passion for aesthetics and attention to detail has earned her the nickname „beauty editor“ of the team. At the same time, she develops her experience through architectural and graphic design projects as a freelancer.

Maša Bogunović

Maša Bogunović completed her master’s degree in 2021 at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. She received her secondary education at the First Belgrade Gymnasium in the socio-linguistic direction. Her student works have been exhibited at exhibitions of the most successful student works in the field of design, urbanism and graphic design, and some are also public. She is an integral member of the organizers of the “Summit of the Nonaligned” festival, which consists of skaters, artists, photographers, designers, musicians and architects. She worked on projects for the design and production of skate sculptures that are an integral part of the urban furniture of the squares of several cities in Serbia.